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Alexander Technique - Questions before 1st lesson

The Alexander technique is a gentle approach that aims to re-educate the mind and the body through a series of movements so the body uses muscles more efficiently. The relationship between head and spine is key. 

The Alexander Technique teaches you the skills to help you move well and live better, in all that you do.  It is a way of learning how you can get rid of harmful tension in your body.  It often involves gentle hands-on guidance, verbal cues, and mental focus.The Alexander Technique is used by people from various backgrounds, including performers (actors, musicians), athletes, and those seeking relief from chronic pain or stress-related conditions. By improving body awareness and promoting more efficient movement, it can lead to improved posture, reduced muscle tension, enhanced performance, and an overall sense of well-being.

A Bit About Me

Private Lessons

I am currently accepting private students as a part of the final phase of my training, my apprenticeship.  


Please use the "Contact" button below to ask questions.  If you're ready to schedule a lesson, click here for my online scheduler and I will then confirm via email.

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