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Master Class/Workshop 

Contact me for an ONLINE Master Class for your choir. Everyone will log in remotely from their own home.  We will sing together, learn together, and enjoy Choir Community!!

I have been teaching online group classes for over 2 years - Welcome to Distance Learning!

The Total Singer Workshop

Ms. Van Fleet is a mezzo-soprano with a rich history teaching voice and singing as a concert and oratorio soloist around the world. She is also an accomplished professional ensemble singer with the LA Master Chorale, LA Opera and San Diego Opera Choruses. As a choral vocal coach, Ms. Van Fleet has developed a curriculum titled The Total Singer for all levels of singers. The workshop will enhance a singer’s understanding of vocal technique, physiology, and other techniques singers use.  Alexander technique is an important component, along with vocal anatomy. As a result, the singers will acquire an informed and invigorated sound which will have applications for healthier living as well.

In The Total Singer ONLINE masterclass topics covered can include:

  1. Voice & Body Awareness + Freedom

  2. Posture, Alignment & Releasing

  3. Adaptive Natural Breathing

  4. Effective Practicing

  5. Performing Confidence

  6. Constructive Thinking& Self Kindness 


The techniques used are comprised of: 

  • Alexander Technique

  • Anatomy & Physiology

  • Bel Canto vocal technique

  • Modern Neuroscience

Early Start?   We will start with all kinds of warm ups, breathing and exercises.  No one really wants to sing early!  ;)

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