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The Total Singer MasterClass

Ms. Van Fleet is a mezzo-soprano with a rich history and long track record of teaching voice, singing as a concert and oratorio soloist around the world as well as being an accomplished professional ensemble singer with the LA Master Chorale and the LA and San Diego Opera Choruses. As a choral vocal coach, Ms. Van Fleet has developed a curriculum titled The Total Singer for all levels of singers. Her workshops will enhance your singers’ understanding of vocal technique, diction, and other expressive techniques singers use. Alexander technique is an important component, along with vocal anatomy, which Ms. Van Fleet will include. As a result, the singers will acquire an informed sound, with more freedom, which will have applications for healthier living as well.

In The Total Singer masterclass you can expect to learn about:

  1. Voice & Body Awareness + Freedom

  2. Posture, Alignment & Releasing

  3. Adaptive Natural Breathing

  4. Effective Practicing

  5. Performing Confidence

  6. Constructive Thinking & Self-Kindness

I have been teaching online group classes for over 5 years.  This is a great medium for singers!

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